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Darina, Photographer

Wonderful, highly professional photography by Tom Smith. I've had the pleasure to work with Tom Smith on many occasions and enjoy his beautiful art. 

Tom is a one of the most wonderful people I've ever come across and his beautiful photography reflects his kind soul.

I'm highly recommending Tom and his Images. 

Truly a beautiful collection of art. 


Micheal, Customer

I have Tom Smith’s special art all over my house curated into several special collections honoring my recently passed spouse and another my family. I am also a lover of orchids. And these four stunning pictures, metal prints overlook my kitchen counter where the live orchids hang out. Can’t say enough about how Tom’s photos enliven my space.


Marian, Website Designer/Photographer

I have seen, in person his printed Photography work at Coal Gallery. He has stunning captures. I also have an ocean view landscape photo of his. I decided to hang it up in my office. Great add on to look at when I'm taking a break from work. I've noticed my clients complement his work all the time. 


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